Make your own
whisky, gin or rum

With a bottle of Snippers you can make your own Whisky, Gin or Rum! Turn some leftover Vodka into Whisky or Rum, or add barrel aged flavour to your favourite Gin. So even though the bottle looks pretty empty, it’s in fact an experiment full of flavour!


You could even take the experiment to a whole new level and develop your own flavours. How about Tequila with a touch of Whisky, or Gin with the sweetness of Rum barrels? The possibilities are endless, so why buy an expensive bottle of booze if you can make one yourself? Have fun, and keep in mind, enjoy the experiment responsibly!


Snippers is based on the centuries-old tradition of barrel ageing. The liquor you add to the bottles will mature as if it was aged in a wooden barrel, just like distillers do when making Whisky or Rum. An old Whisky barrel will give off a lot of Whisky flavour and colour to any liquor you pour in your Snippers bottle. 

We are always on the hunt to find the best barrels to shred into Snippers (Snippers is Dutch for woodchips). This beautiful oak wood, both used or new, will add new flavours to your liquor. By shredding the barrels into chips, it’s now possible to carry out experiments in your own home, on an accessible scale.

Snippers in 4 steps

1 Add liquor
You start off by adding a clear liquor like Vodka or Dry Gin. Always make sure the liquor contains at least 30% alcohol. On the label, write down the bottle date and the type of liquor you’ve used. We suggest using leftover liquor you have at home.
2 The ageing process
After you’ve filled up your bottle, let it age in a cool and dark place. The woodchips will slowly start to release their flavour and colour. Don’t hesitate to taste every now and then to experience how the flavours develops over time. This process takes approximately eight weeks, but feel free to find out what happens if you let it age longer.
3 Serve your own drink
After eight weeks, it is time to serve your own drink. Filter or carefully pour the liquor before drinking it. Make sure you don’t pour any of the woodchips into your glass. Also, never eat the woodchips.

4 Cheers!
Enjoy the experiment responsibly.