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Step into a world of extraordinary taste with SNIPPERS from Amsterdam. 

At SNIPPERS, our motto is “Flavour Knows No Boundaries” and we are passionate about sourcing the finest ingredients for all our products, allowing you to board on a captivating journey of flavour sensations! Whether you explore our ORIGINAL collection by breathing new life into barrels or indulge in our brand-new BOTANICAL range, spicing up your and your friends’ lives, at SNIPPERS you hold the power to create your own unique tasting experience! 

Embark with us on this exciting adventure and join the community of SNIPPERS enthusiasts where we celebrate together the craft of flavour design and creation!


Welcome to our new Botanical collection, where we’ve curated the finest ingredients with care. Embark on a captivating journey of aroma sensations, crafting your own unique spiced drink in a 350ml bottle and embrace the art of flavour creation.

Snippers ORIGINALS in 3 steps

STEP 1. Add liquor

Pour liquor containing at least 30% alcohol into the bottle. Label it with the bottle date and the type of liquor used and experience the maturation process, resembling the ageing of Whisky and Rum in wooden barrels. Store the filled bottle in a cool, dark place. Let the woodwork its magic, releasing flavours and colours over time. take the opportunity to taste the evolving liquor during the ageing process.
STEP 2. Let the bottle age

While eight weeks is the recommended time, feel free to experiment
with longer ageing for even more fascinating results.
STEP 3. Filter & enjoy

After eight weeks, it is now time to savour your homemade drink! Filter the liquor and pour it carefully, ensuring no wood bits make their way into your glass. The chips and cubes can be reused, so feel free to experiment with different liquors to discover your favourite flavour combinations.

Proost! (That’s Dutch for cheers!)
Enjoy this delightful experienceresponsibly.